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Here are the 9 main areas T-T RODEO Company can assist you with

You choose, from just a few, to all 9


Planning the Rodeo
including implementing a theme if you want, subject to the reason of holding the event or charitable requirements.

Arranging Ticket Sales
which can include online features or design and artwork for physical tickets.

Rodeo Venue
we can assist with arranging a location, or check out yours for any unforseen issues.

Plannig the Event
including the line up, times, competitions, consessions and entertaiment.

Rodeo Promotion
this can include all posters, flyers, programs, website, newspaper adverts or radio announcements.

through contacting local businesses we can help spreed the cost of your event if required.

The Legal issues
such as insurance for the event and some local governments require permits.

Rodeo Safety and Convenience
often left to the last minute, but we can arrange police or security, EMT’s and portable restrooms.

Venue Clean up
this element is often forgotten about, however it can be expensive if the venue is hired, but we think ahead as they say


T-T RODEO are here to assist you with hosting your own Rodeo

T-T would love to produce a rodeo for you, there’s nothing like bringing America’s original spectator’s sport to your hometown. We at T–T Rodeo Company can offer the whole package from:

  • Marketing tips
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Portable Arenas
  • Bleachers
  • Award winning life stock
  • Ticket sales

Our rodeo events provides a modern fast action paced and fun western entertainment for the whole family.

Rodeo is enjoyed by the whole community and a great way to raise money for any local organization. There’s a lot involved in putting on and hosting a perfect Rodeo, so this is where T-T can make your event run smoothly and professionally, so that you’ll even be able to kick back some and enjoy the event as well.

About the T-T RODEO Company

T-T RODEO was started years ago by a family that has helped preserve the western way of life for over 60 years. Now becoming known as one of the premier stock contractors in not only the southeast but east of the Mississippi River as we get called regularly to look at producing events in Illinois,Indiana, Ohio as well as all over the southeast.

Why choose T-T RODEO?

Here at T-T we truly care about the people we work with, not only the personnel we bring to your event but the committee’s and the community. We will spare no expense in bringing the best Clowns, Announcer and Speciality Acts available to us.

We understand we must provide you the best show out there for your customers. T-T RODEO will make ourselves available for public appearances with sponsors as well as we offer to make radio commercials or just write the scripts for you to use. The show we provide to your audience is 2 hours 15 minutes of fast paced modern day rodeo.

We like it loud and rowdy, so we’ll engage your crowd to the fullest with hand clapping, toe tapping, dancing and singing all night long. We want our crowd involved in the show so they will help us create positive ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

T-T RODEO Co. is run by a family that is still active in rodeo today (one of which currently holds 3 World Championship Rodeo titles), so not only do we have the cowboys and cowgirls interest in mind but we also know what works and what doesn’t work in today’s world of rodeo.

Let t-t host your next Rodeo